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Dear Mazz, 

Thank you for being the kind of trainer who genuinely cares about his clients and their results. It definitely shows!I really appreciate all of your help and support as I prepared for my first 4 figure competitions within my first year.

Whenever I doubted myself you were always there with a fresh new awesome workout and constant encouragement and motivation. You really helped make the whole experience a positive one for me!

Thanks so much for kicking my butt every time and helping me push all those negative thoughts aside!

You’re truly one of a kind!

Patty Zariello  IFBB Figure Pro





Dear Mazz,

Thank you so much for being the most awesome trainer. I’m in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to you!

I can’t thank you enough for passing down your wealth of knowledge to me in these important areas.

Eating a clean diet and making it a part of my lifestyle. The way you explain it all makes so much sense and is not hard to do. Especially when the results start to happen!

Your workouts are challenging, motivating, efficient,safe and SO MUCH FUN! I love how you change it up every time so that it always stays fresh. After three years of working out with you, you still come up with creative new exercises.You make me want to come back for more every day!

The importance of supplements and how it ties it all together so that you can achieve optimal health. I never took any kind of vitamin before regularly. Now I do and a lot of them and I FEEL GREAT!

Oh, and don’t forget: LOTS OF WATER!

Thanks Mazz! You’re the best!

Jeanette W.

Before and After Fat Loss Results

Over the last 12 weeks I began working with Mazz on the Mazzcore Program. So far, I've dropped 14.5 lbs of fat the which has resulted in 3 inches off my waist, 4 inches off my hips and over an inch off each leg. WOW!!

I workedwith Mazz on a fat loss program a few years ago and successfully reached a goal body fat I never thought possible. He helped me set my goals, showed me the action steps needed for their achievement as well as motivated and kept me accountable by taking detailed body fat and circumference measurements.

He guaranteed that I would have abs and reach my goal for the Holidays, as long as I listened and followed the program. I had my doubts, but I am so glad he proved to be right.

I maintained my results and physique for the next two years but started falling into my old habits of dieting. I began eating less, and more infrequent along with doing a ton of cardio. He warned me several times of what was going to happen and what was probably already happening.

Once again, he was right. :) He told me my muscle and metabolism would be going down steadily if not fed properly. I thought I "had this" since I achieved great results in the past, but without his guidance, motivation and follow ups (accountability), I went in the other direction.

That brings me to February when I was at my heaviest weight ever :( all because I "was dieting..."

The increasing body weight and high body fat motivated me to stop the dieting insanity and start making it a lifestyle once again.

I went into my old program paperwork and pulled out the program I had success with several years ago. It was as simple as going to the store and buying the food to start. All I needed to do was DECIDE. Decide to STOP the DIETING INSANITY AND START MY PROGRAM.

Thank you so much Mazz for your never ending encouragement, as well your dedication to helping others transform their lives. Since the first day I met you, I realized that is your passion.

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After giving birth to my 4th child, I was determined to lose fat and and get my old body back. The only thing, it got more and more difficult the older I got and the more kids I had.

I'm so thankful for meeting Christopher Mazzella and training with him during the last 2 years. His personal training is so motivating and creative. The bootcamp and fitness classes he teaches are amazing and so much fun. Plus, they get intense and make you feel great.

Plus he seems to know just the right amount of exercise to be very challenging while no getting totally killed and broken. Mazz has helped me not only get my body back to my pre-baby weight, he helped me get into the greatest shape of my life.

I'm now full of energy,healthy,happy and feeling sexy once again. :-) Thank you Mazz for all your guidance and caring, but especially the kick ass fitness classes and awesome results they bring!

Susan K's Amazing Fat Loss After 4 Kids!

Before starting the MazzCore Lifestyle Nutrition Program with Mazz, I thought I knew my body. I couldn't have been more wrong. I thought since I worked out, have always been petite and in "decent" shape, I could eat what ever I wanted. Not if I was going to become my best!

In only 18 weeks he has taught me so much about myself and what my body and mind are capable of believing and achieving.  I turned 40 in June and I can proudly say I am in better shape and stronger than I have ever been in my life,  even while on the high school swim team.

Susan K's Amazing Fat Loss After 4 Kids!

Jen Helmke 1st Place with Chris Mazz

Jen Helmke Taking 1st Place at the NY Worlds with Chris Mazz



I was a fitness instructor for 17 years until I retired after the birth of my second child.  The change in my body and lifestyle was drastic.  Besides the stress of caring for 2 babies, and having a full time job, I had developed several painful musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal disorders.  I went from being extremely physically fit to being overweight and unable to do a single lunge within 3 years.

I turned to Chris Mazz for help.  From a medical point-of-view I was astounded by his knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and nutrition. He eliminated most of my pain and discomfort while giving me some of my most intense workouts of my life.

I remember one day when I was complaining of a chronic click in my shoulder Mazz manipulated my latissimus dorsi (back muscle), and I haven’t had anymore clicking in my shoulder!  He has this incredible way of working muscle groups to their fullest while working flexibility all at the same time.  I have been working with him for over a year and a half and he still brings in new exercises I’ve never done before.

Even though I have always eaten healthy and conscious of my diet, I consulted with Mazz for additional help.  He recommended some supplementation and ‘tweaked’ my diet.  Most of my gastrointestinal discomfort is gone and I have more energy.

Overall I find that I now spend less time in the gym and I am getting more results which leaves me more time for my family and career.  I am now down to my pre-wedding weight and I feel stronger than I did 10 years ago.

Working with Christopher Mazzella gives you the ‘complete package’.  He is the trainer's trainer.

Patty Doing Biceps with Chris Mazz

Chris Mazz and Patty Crushing Biceps

Jen Helmke 1st Place with Chris Mazz

Jen H Taking 1st Place at the NY Worlds with Chris Mazz

BMR before and after